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Unity Candle Ceremony


The Unity Candle Ceremony is performed to symbolize the joining together of the two families, and their love for the bride and the groom, into one united family that loves the new husband and wife.  More often it is to symbolize the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment.  

The popular explanation is that the taper candles are lit by representatives from each family, or the Bride & Groom, to symbolize the love and allegiance that each family has for the other. As the bride and groom use these two flames to light the unity candle, they bring the love of both families together in a united love of the new couple. Generally, the two tapers are left burning and replaced in their holders (because each family's love for their own will continue). However, in some ceremonies they may blow out their individual candles. 

When the ceremony is alternatively performed to symbolize simply the joining together of the bride and groom, the tapers may be blown out, to indicate that the two lives have been permanently merged, or they may leave them lit beside the central candle, symbolizing that the now-married partners have not lost their individuality.

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