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Welcome to Cherish Life Civil Wedding / MARRIAGE Celebrant

Welcome to Cherish Life Civil Wedding / MARRIAGE CelebrantWelcome to Cherish Life Civil Wedding / MARRIAGE Celebrant

Unity Sand Ceremony


The Unity Sand Ceremony can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to your vows.  The bride and groom pour the two containers of sand into the third container simultaneously.  You may wish to leave a small amount of sand in each container to symbolize that although you are now joined as one, you each remain individuals. 

This is also a nice ceremony for children, or blended families, whereby all can get involved.  

Red represents a passion for life, physical energy and health. 

Orange shows sweetness, trust, and creativity. 

With yellow you bring in respect, personal power and spontaneity. Compassion, unconditional love, and balance are represented by Green. 

Blue is the colour of communication, contentedness, harmony and self expression. 

With Indigo you bring in intuition, wisdom, emotional intelligence and charisma. 

Violet represents peace, spirituality and selflessness. 

White is the colour of purity and a connection with a Higher Power, God, Divine and Spirit.

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